"Ofsted Ready"

With the recent changes to the Ofsted framework, is your school well prepared for your next inspection? ‘Ofsted Ready’ is a two-day visit to your school in which I will work with you too;


  • ensure  that your self-evaluation is accurate and developing clear and measurable success criteria for improvement

  • ensure sure that staff and governors are well prepared and understand what to expect during an inspection

  • help you look closely at the evidence required to make each judgement and the criteria for making the judgements

  • consider how best to present your evidence and reflect on the current levels of effectiveness in your own school

  • identify where the practice is already working well, or might be improved and developed

  • plan how your school will prepare for its next inspection.


Within 5 working days of the visit, you will receive a full Ofsted Inspection Section 5 report which can be potentially shared with all major school stakeholders, including Governors. If appropriate, the report can also be shared with any future visiting Ofsted Inspection team.